Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m Kiki – an artist and multi-crafter living in the South of England. Here you’ll find my latest projects, yarn and haberdashery purchases, helpful resources and my musings about all things crochet and knit. In particular, be sure to check out my yarn directory if you need a little help deciding on the best threads for your next project.

  • Throwback Thursday: Day-Glo Daydreamer Coloured Pencil Drawing

    Today I feel like sharing something a little different with you guys: a piece of my artwork.

    There’s a base layer of watercolour for the skin, but everything else is coloured pencils. Although very time-consuming and sometimes tedious, I love working in pencil (coloured or graphite).

    I’ve loved to draw for as long as I can remember, but after a huge knock to my confidence in my final year of university (great timing, right?!), I gave it up for about eight years. Then, one day I just really felt like drawing again so I started practising after I was gifted a sketchbook and pencils for my birthday. That was six years ago now and I still draw from time to time, but it was never quite the same – that intense love of drawing never fully returned so I have fits and starts of wanting to draw, and I still don’t always feel confident sharing my work.

    I say all that to say there’s a difference between constructive criticism and plain old criticism. One encourages someone to improve and the other has the potential to crush a dream. Don’t give anyone false hope, but do try to encourage someone to follow their passion and improve their skills.

  • Where can I find yarn to buy in the UK?

    Image from Unsplash

    So, this is a question I was asked just this morning. And I’ll admit to being a little surprised about it, but if one person has this question, I’m sure more people might too. With that in mind I thought I’d share some of the places I get/ have gotten my yarn.

    Online Yarn Shops

    There are tons of online shops that sell yarn; you only need to do a quick Google search for them and you may be inundated with results. However, here are few of my tried and trusted:

    • Wool Warehouse
    • LoveCrafts
    • Laughing Hens
    • Purplelinda Crafts

    Wool Warehouse is a great website jam-packed with yarn, knitting and crochet accessories, patterns, notions, embroidery necessities and so much more. It’s top of my list since it’s where I get the majority of my yarn and accessories; I tend to find exactly what I need and for a great price.

    LoveCrafts has a fantastic range of yarns including higher-end brands so they tend to be my go-to for something fancy. I also love their selection of patterns and the community they’ve created for crafters – it feels like yarn shop meets Ravelry!


    Hobbycraft is a chain craft shop accessible as a physical shop and online so check their website to find your local store, and either stop in to browse or buy your items online to click and collect, or have them delivered right to your door.

    Dangerously, there’s a Hobbycraft approximately a five-minute drive from my house. My husband still thinks it’s a big reason I pushed to buy this particular house…he’s not wrong.

    On my most recent visit, I was very pleased to see what appears to be an expansion of the yarn stock. Although their prices tend to be a little higher than I would pay elsewhere, it’s convenient for me to quickly run in for an urgent purchase, if I’m planning a project or just because I feel like it.

    Instagram/Indie Dyers

    Now, technically these count as online retailers, but I specifically found them through Instagram, so I thought a separate mention would be best.

    There are tons of independent dyers showcasing their yarns on Instagram! I follow quite a few, but I’ve only bought from one so far. Indie dyers mostly offer wool and I have i can’t wear wool, so as much as I want to buy everything I see in their gorgeous photos, I have be sensible and wait for a need/project to arise.

    The Discrete Unicorn is run by a super talented lady named Miriam who loves bright colours, and that speaks to my very soul since I also love bright colours. I’ve bought several skeins from The Discrete Unicorn that I have yet to use. They’re just too pretty lol.

    As well as yarns, I believe she offers workshops and you may find some finished items for sale on the website.

    Local Yarn Shop (LYS)

    And last but by absolutely no means least, your local yarn shop! Please, please, please, support your local yarn shop. Let’s help keep these small businesses going.

    I’ve just found a close-ish ‘Wool Shop’ – as it’s labelled on Google – and I’m very excited to pay them a visit ASAP. When I’ve had a chance to visit, I’ll be back to share my purchases.

    So there you have it: my favourite yarn suppliers. If you know any you think I should check out, drop a comment below and let me know.

    Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

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    Book Lovers Day 2022: A Knitted Teabag Bookmark

    “The secret to a well balanced life is a cup of tea in one hand and a good book in the other.”

    The Tea Spot

    What’s funny is I’m actually more of a coffee person, and when I do drink tea, it’s a sugary fruit tea, so I’m not sure why I felt so driven to knit this little teabag bookmark…but I did and I’m very proud of it!

    Here it is knitty friends, my knitted teabag bookmark for Book Lovers Day 2022. What do think? Do you like?

    It’s a crochet/knit combo project since I prefer the knit technique for the bag, but crochet was simple, quick and effective for the string and tag. I threaded a little pale yellow bead to be the centre of the little half-flower tag.

    This was a fun, calming and quick little project that I’ll certainly be repeating and improving.

    Happy Book Lovers Day!

  • A Novel Idea: Crochet bookmark ideas for Book Lovers Day

    Today, 9th August, is Book Lovers Day! It’s also a book-loving friend’s birthday so, if she’s reading this: Happy birthday, lovely lady!

    I used to love to read…actually, I still do but between crafts and a baby, there just isn’t enough time in the day anymore. Nevertheless, I keep a couple good books on deck just in case I miraculously get a few spare minutes. Here’s what I have lined up at the moment:

    But onto the fun stuff! Today, for Book Lovers Day, I thought it would be fun to whip up some cute bookmarks so I’ve a gathered a few free crochet patterns for you to make your own bookmarks.

    First up is the Lotte Lace corner bookmark by Blue Star Crochet. It’s a lovely, elegant design and simple pattern to work.

    They’re not labelled as bookmarks, but Tejiendo Peru offers a great easy-to-follow video on how to make these beautiful feathers, and I thought they would make lovely bookmarks. All you have to do is use a lighter yarn weight and voilà, you have a nice size for a bookmark.

    If you’re looking for bookmarks for a child or even to make as a gift for a teacher, check out these cuties designed by Lovable Loops. What’s a bookmark post without a bookworm, eh?!

    And last but not least, what goes better with a good book than a warm drink?? These cute little teabag bookmarks from The Cozy Chipmunk are the perfect placeholder when you can finally bring yourself to put your book down.

    So, friends, what books are you reading and what bookmark would you like to make? Comment below and let me know.

    Happy Book Lovers Day!

  • Whistle While You Work: What to Watch or Listen to While You Knit/ Crochet.

    Even when I’m counting stitches, I can’t work in quiet, let alone silence so I thought I’d share some shows that I enjoy or have enjoyed while I work on projects.

    True Crime

    There’s just something about a crime documentary that goes so well with the comfort of yarn crafts. Here are few of my favourites, in no particular order:

    True Crime

    • Inventing Anna (featured image) – this is wild ride through the tangled Web of lies spun by Anna Sorokin, a Russian-born German con artist.
    • Girl in the Picture
    • White Hot: The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch
    • Our Father
    • Keep Sweet: Obey and Pray
    • Jimmy Saville: A British Horror Story
    • The Tinder Swindler
    • When They See Us
    • Crime Scene:The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel


    If you’re into spooks and scares like me, here are a few shows that are great for watching through your yarn work.

    • Haunted (featured image) – a great series, currently in its third season. Each episode focuses on the retelling of a real-life ghost story by the person it happened to.
    • Dead Files
    • Ghost Adventures
    • Deadly Possessions
    • Paranormal Witness
    • Scariest Places on Earth


    So this is literally the only podcast I listen to. I don’t need anything else when ATWWD so perfectly combines my two areas of interest: the paranormal and true crime. The podcasters, Christine and Em, are incredibly fun but also reverent when the need arises. I listen every Sunday – and on the first of the month for Listener’s Stories – via Spotify, but you can also catch them on YouTube and Apple Podcasts. Check here for more ways to tune in.

    Drama, drama, drama

    We all love a little drama every now and then, so try out a few of these to get your daily dose.

    • Pretty Little Liars (featured image) – I’m not embarrassed with tell you that I have watched this series from beginning to end three times and I still go back to seasons and episodes at random if I want an easy watch. I love this show!
    • You
    • Bridgerton
    • Ratched
    • 13 Reasons Why


    • Haunting of Hill House (featured image) – a super spooky supernatural horror series that may have you watching through your fingers or refusing to look up from your yarn work, in parts. I’ve watched this twice.
    • Slasher
    • Midnight Mass
    • All of Us Are Dead
    • Black Summer


    • Blown Away (featured image) – I’ve been fascinated by glass-blowing for years, but as someone who hates heat, I have never tried it. So, the closest I get is watching the amazing creations by the talented artists on Blown Away.
    • Nailed It
    • Next in Fashion
    • Glow Up
    • Is It Cake?

    Comment below if you like any of the shows I’ve mentioned, or if you want to share some of your favourites to work to.

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